South Orange County, CA, USA

Slab Leak Repairs

We use leak detection equipment to locate the leaking line in the house. Often times we find and cap the leaking line in one day. With the emergency now under control, we devise a plan to reroute the failed section using PEX tubing. Then with owner approval we execute the reroute solution.

PEX Reroutes and Repipe

In Orange County, copper pipes are failing at an alarming rate. We do not believe in replacing a failed copper line with copper again. Copper in this area is at an aggressive rate of failure due to corrosion. We believe PEX plastic tube is the best new pipe solution.

Water Heater Installations

We Install both Tank and Tankless types of Water Heaters. Depending on space, budget and hot water needs we advise you on the best option for you- not the best for us, solution.

Toilet and Drain Repairs

We install top name brands for repair or whole toilet replacements.

We offer same day drain repair as well as drain cleaning or rooter services.

Faucet Repair and Installation

R.O. Water Filtration


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