Restoration Services

Residential Restoration Services

Water Damage & Mold Restoration in Orange County

No matter where it is, water damage can cause serious damage. If undetected, it can spread and cause harmful and unhealthy mold to grow, deteriorate the surroundings, and cause odors and costly repairs. We know that water damage is a common issue here in Orange County due to weather-related flooding, plumbing problems, corrosion, leaking pipes and other issues, which is why we are here to identify the source of the problem and find a fast solution. Let us handle your home restoration services today in order to prevent future problems!

Leak Detection, Plumbing Repairs, and More

Whether you have a leak, a broken pipe, or a deteriorating plumbing system, we provide comprehensive repair and restoration services that will not only solve the problem, but prevent future leaks and issues. You can count on our professionally trained and certified technicians at Leak Busters to solve even the most difficult restoration issues.

Our services include:

  • Water Damage Restoration When leaks occur, your home or commercial building could face costly repairs if we don’t fix as soon as possible. Schedule an appointment today!
  • Mold Restoration Whether undetected or obvious, we can identify the source of the mold, fix the leak, and remove the mold damage to prevent further growth.
  • Asbestos Contracting Homes built before 1980 are presumed to contain asbestos. Drywall cuts in these homes should first be tested. We have asbestos certified employees and are able to make these cuts, “in house” and save you money.
  • Fire Restoration/Contracting If you have been affected by a fire, we are here to help restore your home and contents.

Convenient Location to Serve the Area

We are centrally located in Orange County, which is convenient for our residential and commercial clients in San Juan Capistrano and the surrounding communities. When you need water damage or mold removal services in Orange County, call our experts at Leak Busters to schedule an appointment at 949-493-2426. We look forward to helping you get rid of leaky pipe issues for good!