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At Leak Busters Restoration in Orange County, we aim to make plumbing repairs and pipe restoration as smooth and stress-free as possible. We know dealing with a serious plumbing issue like a pinhole leak in your copper piping is often a stressful, difficult process. That’s why our experienced plumbers use techniques that minimize cost and disruption to your daily life while ensuring high-quality repairs that last for decades.

Whether you suspect there’s a leak in your piping you can’t detect, you’ve discovered a pinhole leak in your copper piping or you simply need general plumbing services, our experienced plumbers at Leak Busters Restoration have you covered. We specialize in epoxy pipe lining, leak detection, leak repair, pipe repair, water and mold damage restoration and more.

Epoxy Pipe Lining & Restoration

Instead of dealing with expensive copper re-piping and an invasive installation process, you can achieve reliable, affordable pipe repairs with our epoxy pipe lining system. Our system coats the interior of copper piping with a strong epoxy. It’s a very thin layer inside the pipe that resists future corrosion and prevents water damage to your home for decades. With Leak Busters Restoration epoxy pipe restoration, we can restore your pipes without damaging existing walls, floors, or ceilings. This saves you thousands of dollars for unnecessary re-piping and water damage.

Leak Detection & Repair

If you believe you may have a leak in your residential piping but don’t know how to locate it, our skilled leak detection experts are here to help. We offer a full-service water leak detection service utilizing the latest equipment and technology. We work to find the leaking line and then prepare it for either epoxy restoration or a re-route. Catching a leak early is key to preventing costly water damage down the line, whether they are pinhole leaks or slab leaks. Pinhole leaks are very small and result from copper corrosion, but they can still lead to significant damage in drywall and can lead to mold buildup. Slab leaks meanwhile occur beneath the concrete foundation, making it difficult to identify and access. Exorbitant water bills, visible water damage or the sound of running water are all signs you may have a leak and should call a leak detection expert immediately.

Once we detect a leak, we will determine the best method for repair and leak prevention. Often, our CuraFlo® epoxy coating provides a more cost-effective, long-lasting method for repair and prevention compared to re-piping. Due to changes in the chemistry of drinking water, copper pipes are no longer a reliable plumbing method, and Orange County homeowners are facing frequent pinhole leaks due to corrosion of the metal. Our epoxy lining system essentially creates a thin plastic liner inside your pipes, not only repairing leaks but also preventing further corrosion.

General Residential Plumbing Services

In addition to quality leak detection and repair, we also provide general plumbing services for both businesses and homes in the Orange County area. If you’re conducting a renovation, need simple pipe repairs or have a plumbing issue you’re unsure about, our experienced plumbers at Leak Busters Restoration are here to help.

If you’re dealing with a plumbing issue or think you may have a pipe leak in your Orange County home, call Leak Busters Restoration today at 949-493-2426!