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Commonly Asked Questions About Epoxy Pipe Restoration Services

Why does US drinking water corrode metal pipes so quickly?

Drinking water with higher levels of a stable type of chlorine (chloramines) has reduced amounts of natural organic material (NOM) and increased levels of aluminum. It is safer to drink, but it is harder on pipes and plumbing systems.

What has caused the current epidemic of plumbing leaks?

The biggest reason is not water temperature, flow rates, “cheap” copper pipes, or electrolysis. The reason for copper plumbing failure is due to chemical changes made to drinking water about two decades ago. During the disinfection process, utility companies switched from using free chlorine to using a more stable compound known as chloramines. This resulted in drinking water with higher pH, increased levels of aluminum, and reduced amounts of natural organic material (NOM), all of which contribute to a radically higher rate of corrosion within metal plumbing systems. Chloramines are a mixture of chlorine and ammonia, studies show that over time in unused or little used end lines or plumbing fixtures- the chlorine breaks down, while the ammonia is left in larger quantities, the ammonia that is left is now known to react with copper.

Will replacing plumbing systems with new copper pipes fix the problem?

No. Due to the altered pH of drinking water, new copper piping can fail and develop pinhole leaks in five years.

How do you fix copper pipe plumbing failure?

The best bet is to have your plumbing system pipes coated with an epoxy lining (such as the CuraFlo™ Epoxy Pipe Lining System). Alternately, you could also have your entire plumbing system replaced with non-metal pipes.

It should be noted that these non metalic pipes or PEX pipes have a problem of rats and or mice chewing into them as a source for water. Once the water source is discovered by the vermin, home tenting is typically required to rid the problem.

How does an epoxy lining prevent pinhole leaks and plumbing problems?

An epoxy lining is like a thin plastic liner. It provides a durable shield between the water and the metal pipes. This prevents corrosion.

How long will epoxy lined metal pipes last?

Our epoxy lining can prevent the formation of corrosion and pinhole leaks for 50 to 75 years.

Do I need to replace my metal plumbing pipes?

No. Having your plumbing pipes lined with epoxy lining will be just as effective as new, non-metal pipes (and linings are typically less expensive).

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