Epoxy Pipe Service

Orange County Epoxy Pipe Service

Affordable and Effective Solution for Pipe Repairs

Plumbing issues and water leaks can be more than a nuisance – they can ruin your day, your property, and potentially be a hazardous situation. The water damage is part of the cleanup process, but the costly and time-consuming repairs are another part of the equation. Thankfully, technological advances have come a long way and instead of replacing broken plumbing with new copper pipe, an epoxy pipe coating might be your answer. Strong, durable, and affordable, epoxy pipe coating is a cost effective and modern answer to plumbing issues, and Leak Busters Restoration has you covered!

Epoxy Benefits

Epoxy pipe coatings are a super strong material that helps keep the water flowing where you want it, and nowhere else! Complete pipe replacements are tedious and expensive, and this minimally invasive process can get you back up and running in no time. Some of the benefits include:

  • Fast Repairs – A quick fix is ideal when leaks are occurring. An epoxy pipe coating can be done in a single day and is much quicker than a plumber installing an entirely new line.
  • Easy Application – Minimal rebuilding or drywall cuts. With epoxy lining, we dry your existing pipes, sandblast the debris, and instantly blow epoxy into the existing line.
  • Less Waste – A tiny leak no longer means getting rid of the entire line. Less landfill trips, more flowing water! Coating your existing pipes with epoxy is environmentally friendly all around.

Drawbacks of Traditional Copper Pipe Repair

It might seem like replacing your old and broken pipe with new copper would be the answer, but there are some drawbacks to consider. The price can be prohibitive, as the cost of copper pipe has risen recently. Besides the raw materials, the labor costs can be intensive. The installation process can be invasive and very costly as well, especially if there is more damage than initially thought. Additionally, certain chemicals in the Orange County area water supply are actually known to cause problems with copper pipes, and it’s questionable if a traditional copper pipe repair will withstand it.

Drinking Water Purification

Because of recent developments with drinking water, higher pH levels can have faster corrosive impacts on metal plumbing pipes, copper pipes included. Another reason for an epoxy pipe coating is this development, and Leak Buster Restoration is happy to provide a free estimate for water line repair!

Epoxy Pipe Restoration Process

Without replacing the entire plumbing system, our epoxy solutions are the most durable, strong, and cost effective methods. Leak Buster’s CuraPoxy restoration service is certified for use in domestic water systems and can reline copper OR steel pipes ½’’ in diameter or larger. It’s an easy process to get CuraPoxy in your home or business:

Step 1: Your pipes are dried out for cleaning and CuraPoxy Application
Step 2: Strong sand cleaning removes corrosion, mineral deposits, and other debris
Step 3: CuraPoxy is applied, and cures after only 5 hours. After that, you’re ready for use!

Common Questions

Why Epoxy?
It is a proven leak stopper without expensive replacement of the entire plumbing line. It takes far less labor and equipment than a traditional plumber replacing the piping and uses your existing pipes with new materials.

Is it safe?
For over 40 years, epoxy pipe restoration has been used. The International Association of Plumbing & Mechanical Officials certified that CuraPoxy met the ANSI/NSF 61 standard.

Don’t let one leak ruin your entire plumbing system. Use Leak Busters Restoration and our epoxy pipe restoration system to save time and money. Call 949-493-2426 today for more information!