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Residential Plumbing & Restoration of Orange County

Don't Repipe! Call Us for Guaranteed, No-Leak Epoxy Pipe Restoration and SAVE today!

Welcome to Leak Busters! We are a full-service plumbing and restoration company based in Southern California. We specialize in epoxy pipe restoration and leak detection services. We are a one-stop shop, providing professional plumbing repairs to stop the leak, epoxy lining to prevent future leaks and the experience to clean up the mess. As a water and mold certified firm, we’ll dry up the area and fix the drywall to make it like it never happened. When you have an emergency plumbing situation – who are you going to call? Leak Busters Restoration of Orange County!

Orange County Plumbing Services

At Leak Busters Restoration, we provide state of the art plumbing services to both homeowners and businesses in Southern California. The primary services we offer include:

● Epoxy pipe service and restoration
● Copper piping pinhole leak repair
● Slab leak detection
● Slab leak repair
● General plumbing services

We have extensive first-hand experience with the problems many Orange County homes are facing with pinhole leaks in copper piping systems that can lead to extensive damage and costly repairs. That’s why we aim to repair the piping with minimal cost and damage to your home. Our epoxy piping services consist of lining the interior of the pipe with strong epoxy, resisting future corrosion and preventing water damage to your home without having to go through the expensive, invasive process of re-piping.

We also provide full-service leak detection to help you find leaks in the first place and determine the best way to repair them. Getting to leaks early helps prevent significant water damage and costly repairs down the line.

What You Need to Know about Copper Pipes

If you have copper piping in your home, know that these pipes are under attack from the inside. According to leading studies of copper pipe corrosion and pinhole leaks, copper pipes in our area are failing due to a chemical reaction from chloramine, a new additive in the last 14 years that is eating away at copper pipes. This new treatment method, also called “OZONE” is causing a system that used to last 30 to 40 years, to now some areas in Orange County failing within just 5 years of new. It is these newest areas in OC and similar areas in the country that are failing the fastest. Leak Busters' epoxy pipe restoration is a cost-effective and long-term solution to this growing problem.

Quality Results Are Guaranteed

You might be wondering, “What if something goes wrong with my new pipes?” our pipe and lining system is guaranteed and we provide a no-leak warranty, so you can rest easy when you hire us for the job. Coating your pipes with Curapoxy prevents corrosion and pinhole leaks, which are two of the most common problems with copper pipe systems.

Your Source of Plumbing Information

We have years of industry experience and knowledge in a variety of areas: plumbing, leak detection, line location, slab leak repairs, water pipe systems, and more. Please call us whenever you have questions about your plumbing system. You should also call us at the first sign of a problem. A fast response will reduce your need for costly repairs in the long run.

Here are some benefits of choosing us:

● A+ rating by Better Business Bureau (SCP Plumbing Inc.)
● IICRC Water and Mold Certified -IICRC certification number: 199579
● Insurance claim specialist -We bill your insurance company
● HOA specialist
● General contractor
● Plumbing contractor
● Asbestos contractor
● 24 hour emergency services
● RRP (lead paint) certified
● Bonded and Insured
● Our own uniformed employees
● Current workers comp insurance
● CA License Number 887563
● Free Estimates
● Commercial & Residential Provider

Leak Busters Restoration of Orange County offers 24-hour emergency services. Visit our service area page or call us at 949-493-2426 today for more information!

"I will be passing the word to anyone who has leaks or more so would like to avoid having leaks."

Customer Reviews

"Each day when they left, they explained where they were in the process and what would happen the next day."

"These guys were great!! Efficient knowledgeable, and their epoxy is the thickest coating I have ever seen."


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  • IICRC Water and Mold Certified -IICRC certification number: 199579
  • HOA Specialists: worked for hundreds of HOA homes
  • RRP (lead paint) certified
  • Plumbing Contractor
  • CA License Number: 887563
  • Free Estimates
  • Insurance Claim Specialist: bill insurance companies directly
  • A+ rating by Better Business Bureau
  • General Contractor
  • Asbestos Contractor
  • 24 Hour Emergency Services
  • Commercial & Residential Provider